//  Origin:  Haarlem, NL
//  Genres:  EDM / Moombahton
                     pop music based
                     highly energetic
//  Years Active:  2015- Present
//  Insta:  @edwardmeunier
Short Bio

Edward Meunier is a DJ / Producer from Haarlem the Netherlands. His passion for music started when he joined a Drumcorps for several years and used to work at dutch radio stations. You can describe his style as groovy, highly energetic music with a smile. Specialized in EDM Edward plays around the country and is a well seen DJ in the moombahton scene as well. All Edward's sets are based on pop songs, so a sing along party is always guaranteed!



Tech Rider

To perform some minimal things are required. You'll find them on the left. And yes, it's just an tech rider. No hospitality rider needed. I trust on you will offer a sparkling water ;-).